About Fish & Olive

With pride and gratitude, we celebrate the 18th anniversary of the opening of the Fish & Olive Gallery in beautiful Halki on Naxos Island, Greece.

alexander reichardt

The work of both Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt is imbued with their deep association with Greece. Katharina was effectively raised on Naxos from early childhood and has been permanently based on the island for the past thirty years after completing her studies at Siegburg, famous since the middle ages for the finest stoneware pottery. Alexander is emphatically of the Mediterranean, both in spirit and culturally. He has lived around the Mediterranean for most of his life and has been based on Naxos for the past twenty-five years. His father was a distinguished Hellenist and Professor who was Sorbonne educated in Roman Law and the Classics and Alex has inherited from him the strong sense of Greek culture that he shares with Katharina and that is so evident in the work of Fish & Olive.

Only at Halki, and nowhere else on Naxos, will you find genuine and original jewellery and ceramics by Fish & Olive Creations.


The elegant gallery of Fish & Olive Creations was opened in 2006 by Mrs Niki Goulandris. Here, the hand-made ceramics and jewellery of Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt are displayed to their greatest effect. As well as the exclusive work of these accomplished artists, the gallery also presents paintings, etchings, gouaches and aquarelles by national and international artists. Alexander Reichardt also creates lithographs and prints as well as brass fish and marble lamp designs, while sculptures in Naxian marble and unique olive tree sculptures in metal further enhance Fish & Olive’s collections.


The work of Fish & Olive Creations is celebrated worldwide.

Fish & Olive enjoyed major exposure in 2017 at one of the world’s great aquarium and exhibition centres, The Deep, in the UK city of Hull, which was the UK City of Culture in 2017. Alexander was selected as one of six artists each of whose work was exhibited for a two-month period throughout the year in a celebration of the world’s oceans and marine environment. Alexander’s exhibition closed the City of Culture cycle, and it was so successful that The Deep extended it for a further month.

The works of Fish & Olive were exhibited, in January 2013, at the National Art Centre in Tokyo, representing Greece.

In 2007, a major exhibition of Katharina’s work was staged at the Design Museum (iittala Group, Arabia Museum) in Helsinki.

Katharina’s ceramics were displayed at the Academy of Athens during the 2004 Olympic Games and have been featured at the United Nations in New York.

Alexander’s work has close associations with the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens and the prestigious Cretaquarium.